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A Little Info About Me - (As if you cared!)

Here is a
of me.
Washington University is one of the finest schools in the country. The have outstanding programs in Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science, Art, Law, and Medicine. I'm proud to be associated with this fine school.

Washington University
My Family

I have three children,
and Mark.
They are great kids.
Emily is married and has three beautiful children. Hannah works at Webster University (St. Louis). Mark lives in New York City.

I also have a teenage grand-daughter, Kyra (What a doll!) and 2 grand-sons, Noah and Asher.

I also have three step-sons. Justin, Tyson, and Jonathan. Jonathan is a graphic designer.

Hi! My name is Mark Verity. This page is something I put together to let anyone who is interested know a little bit about the fellow who put this site together. (In case they need someone to blame or something.) I live in Fenton, MO. I was born and raised in the St. Louis area. I am recently married and have three children by a previos marriage and three step-sons.(More on them later.)

My Work

My profession is a programmer/analyst (sounds fancy, doesn't it). I work for Washington University in the administrative computing department. At present I am a team leader for support and production for Undergraduate Admissions for the university.

Previously I helped in the development of a new student information system. It is a client/server system which replaced our mainframe/terminal system. We developed the system using PowerBuilder as our programming tool. It was very interesting. I am learning new things every day.


In my free-time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, drinking wine, listening to music, reading, surfing the Net, fiddling with my webpage, movies, playing around on my computer, and hanging with my son. I have been fooling around with some graphics software, trying to learn how to use it.

If you have read this far,"Thanks" for indulging me. I hope you have enjoyed my site.
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